The Vibrant Voice Technique is a series of exercises that uses external vibration to help quickly and effectively enhance vocal resonance and reduce the muscle tension that can lead to vocal fatigue.

David Ley’s innovative, easy-to-learn approach is designed to help you create a more resonant sound quickly.

You may know us as the vibrator for your voice people, and we are. That being said, we developed our technique from basic massage release exercises.

We’ve created a sample of our work that you can do without a vibrator.

Try this first step in our technique to reduce your shoulder and neck tension using your hands.

The easy self-assessment guide below will begin to show you what The Vibrant Voice Technique can do for you. These massage exercises will help you become aware of tension in your shoulders and neck and show you how to release it.

Quick Tension Self-Assessment Guide


Click on the button below and check out a complete tension self-assessment guide and learn about the four areas of the body that The Vibrant Voice Technique focusses on.

Full Tension Self-Assessment Guide

The Vibrant Voice Technique uses vibration combined with movement to help you re-pattern muscular engagement.

Moving muscles while applying vibration heightens awareness, increases blood flow and strengthens neuro-muscular connectivity, all of which help to change tension patterns.

Learn The Vibrant Voice Technique Online!

Our new video course will teach you our complete technique.

You can master four sets of exercises developed through David Ley’s years of study of the anatomy and physiology of the human voice.

Take to our online course

  • Learn a new, fast, thorough way to warm up your voice
  • Reduce tension in the muscles of your neck, jaw and face
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how your voice works so you can troubleshoot when it’s not working like you want it to.

Subscribe to our video course and learn the complete Vibrant Voice Technique.

Gain unlimited access to The Vibrant Voice Technique exercises, carefully designed to reduce tension and increase vocal your power.

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Exploring Vibrant Voice Technique in an Academic Setting

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Exploring Vibrant Voice Technique in an Academic Setting
Guest Post by Stacey Cabaj, Official VVT Instructor

Today’s guest post is especially for professors who are planning to incorporate Vibrant Voice Technique into their classroom. There are some […]

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Announcing the Official Vibrant Voice Technique Instructors!

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The inaugural VVT Instructor Program is complete, and we are so pleased to share the names of our eight new Vibrant Voice Technique Official Instructors! Please read down to learn a bit about each one. […]

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Elissa’s role is changing at VVT

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Hi All, Elissa here writing to share some news.

My position within Vibrant Voice Technique is changing: I am leaving my role as Managing Director. Though I will no longer be running the business operations of […]

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Update on Devices

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Recently we’ve heard reports from a number of clients that the original LELO Siri is no longer available online or in their area. Though the original Siri is the device we have been recommending for […]