Okay, Elissa here and it’s time for a vocal pep talk.

You know the importance of warming up. Your high school choir or drama teacher likely instilled it in you, and it’s hard to ignore the insistence from coaches and fitness trainers that a warm up is crucial.

Why then do so many of us skimp on or altogether skip our vocal warm up?

Creating a consistent habit of warming up is the single best thing we can do to keep our voice in tip top shape. Yet, there are so many roadblocks that can stand in the way of being regular with our warm up. Are you guilty of one of these excuses?:

“I don’t have the time.”

“No one’s ever really showed me what to do.”

“I’m overwhelmed with all the ways I’ve learned to warm up, and I don’t know how to do it ‘right.’ So I just don’t do it much at all.”

“It doesn’t seem to make a huge difference either way with my voice.”

Truly, I get it. In my time I’ve been guilty of every one of these excuses. But I’ve found that it’s worth overcoming the excuses, and truthfully not that hard to do so. In fact, David and I are here for you.

Back in October, we hosted a free call called Vocal Fatigue 101. We so enjoyed sharing and hearing your questions then that we’re doing it again. This time our topic is Amp Up Your Warm Up.


On the call we’ll be talking about the science behind why you should be warming up and sharing easy strategies for doing so quickly and effectively. We’ll also reveal the absolute most important action to take after strenuous vocal activity.

2015 is here and it’s the time for resolutions. We urge you to add to your list:

Make my vocal warm up a consistent habit in 2015!

And to support you in your new resolution, we invite you to join us on Saturday January 10th for our free call Amp Up Your Warm Up. Click here to register!

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