Today we want to talk about a concept that is central to the tension release exercises in Vibrant Voice Technique. It is: We can achieve release through movement.

What does this mean?

As you may know, the central premise behind Vibrant Voice Technique is that we’re using vibration to reduce muscle tension and enhance resonance. Before working with us, many people imagine that releasing tension means using the vibrator to massage their muscles. However this actually isn’t the idea that we’re exploring. Sure a nice massage might feel great, but the problem with a massage is that you’ll keep needing one. Letting the device do all the work doesn’t create lasting change.

In order to truly shift the tension in our body, we must re-pattern how our muscles engage. How do we re-pattern muscular engagement? By making our muscles active participants in the exercises.

This idea to move the actual muscles we’re releasing is a concept that shows up in many forms of manual therapy, including a practice called Active Release Therapy. The premise is to engage muscles in movement, which induces blood flow and strengthens neuro-muscular connections. By moving the muscles, the body can experience and work through the tension patterns with greater awareness, and awareness is indeed the first step to releasing tension. It is possible to achieve a great deal of release by applying direct pressure with your hand on an area of tension, and choosing a movement that will contract and lengthen the muscle underneath. However, using a vibrating device to apply the pressure provides even deeper and more profound sensory feedback, and can lead to greater release.

Want to try this?

Next time you’re tempted to massage your neck, your jaw, or your shoulders, do something slightly different. Instead of massaging by moving your hands, press your hands into a point where you feel tension. Maintain continuous pressure with your hand, and then slowly move the muscle underneath the pressure point. Move in any way as long as it involves the muscle underneath your hand: circling works well on the shoulders or neck, or you can try opening and closing your mouth to release your jaw.

Check out the free guide available on the home page of our website if you want some more ideas about exercises you can do with or without a vibrator.


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