Hi All, Elissa here writing to share some news.

My position within Vibrant Voice Technique is changing: I am leaving my role as Managing Director. Though I will no longer be running the business operations of the company, I will stay connected to VVT as a teacher with the new designation Founding Official Instructor.

As many of you know, I also run my own business called Voice Body Connection, in which I focus on working with performers and speakers to improve their vocal health and to communicate with more presence and confidence. Over the past year as that business has grown, it’s become increasingly difficult to split my time managing two companies. It’s become clear that shifting my focus to my own business while continuing to be involved with Vibrant Voice Technique will be the best way for both companies to continue to grow.

You may be aware that some big things have been in the works for the past months. David and I filmed the Vibrant Voice Technique Online Course, which is currently being edited for a fall release. Additionally, there is a group of eight wonderful voice teachers who are in the final month of their training to become Official Instructors of Vibrant Voice Technique. Starting soon, then, you will have multiple options for training: If you’d like to learn every exercise in the technique, the online course will be the best way to do so. Additionally David, myself, and the 8 instructors will be individually available for instruction in person and/or online. (If you’re itching for training now, we invite you to participate in our final workshop in the current format: David and I teaching all of the exercises together live and online, happening July 31/Aug 14. You can sign up for that workshop here: universe.com/learnvibrantvoice)

You’ll notice a bit of a change in these newsletters as I step away from my current role. Instead of blogs exclusively from me, you’ll be hearing from all of our VVT teachers. If you’ve enjoyed the blogs I’ve been writing thus far, I invite you to sign up for Voice Body Connection emails, where I’ll be sharing a ton of valuable content about being more connected to our voices and bodies in our performing, our lives, and the world.

David continues to progress on the path towards making a dedicated device for VVT. If you need a device for VVT in the meantime, you can reference the suggested list here: http://vibrantvoicetechnique.com/2016/06/30/update-on-devices/

David will also be seeking a new Managing Director, as well as other potential collaborators who would want to help with organizing workshops or the Instructor Program moving forward. If you have an idea or are interested in getting involved with VVT, please reply to this email to let us know!

Thank you for your support in this transition. It is has been my honor and privilege to serve as Managing Director of this company for the past three years, and I am excited to continue to watch it grow! I believe this is the beginning of a new and wonderful chapter for Vibrant Voice Technique.