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Release Through Movement

Today we want to talk about a concept that is central to the tension release exercises in Vibrant Voice Technique. It is: We can achieve release through movement.

What does this mean?

As you may know, the central premise behind …

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Why is my neck so darn tight?

If you’ve ever experienced vocal issues or worried about your voice (and you’re here reading a Vibrant Voice Technique blog, so chances are you have), you know what it’s like to feel tight, constricted, uncomfortable, or even nauseous when you

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Vibrant Voice and Your Exercise Routine

Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are off to a great start in 2016.

We know that people love to set fitness goals at the beginning of the year, so it seems like an …

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Why You Should Learn How Your Voice Works

This is a special blog from Elissa in honor of the launch of her new online class, How Your Voice Works.

Let’s go back to the moment of birth…

Your mother is in labor. You’re slowly making your way down …

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What to do when you’ve got laryngitis

It’s fall and the beginning of cold season looms before us, so it’s time to talk about laryngitis!

Laryngitis occurs when the vocal folds and surrounding laryngeal tissues become inflamed due to a virus, irritation, and/or overuse. Symptoms range from

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Optimum Instead of Maximum

We live in a maximum culture. Extra large slurpees, California King sized beds, Venti coffees… in a lot of contexts, we consider bigger to be better. That being said, most of us are also very aware of the concept that:


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The Bernoulli Effect: the Physics Behind Your Vocal Folds

Today we’re gonna talk about physics. Yes, we know, we usually talk about anatomy! However today is a departure because understanding this one very simple concept about the physics of the voice will allow you to speak or sing with …

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A breathing hack that will change everything

When someone tells you to “breathe,” what do you do?

If you’re like most people, you take a breath in. We’ve tried this experiment with many people, and 99% of the time a person’s reaction is to inhale. …

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Why am I more tense after I did a release exercise?!?

Periodically we get a message from someone who’s just learned the Vibrant Voice Technique that goes something like this:

Dear Elissa and David,

I’ve been dutifully practicing my VVT tension release exercises for the past couple of days and I’m

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What is resonance anyway?

Resonance is one of the more complex aspects of the voice to understand. So what is resonance anyway? One way to define it is reverberation. Another way is sympathetic vibration. A spectrogram is a picture of resonance, which shows that …

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