The Free Q&A program is currently on hiatus. However, you can listen to past Q&A calls below.

You can also learn The Vibrant Voice Technique Online with VVT founders David Ley and Elissa Weinzimmer.

Sign up for this 27-video course, and learn exercises carefully designed to reduce tension and increase vocal your power. The technique grew from David Ley’s years of study of the anatomy and physiology of the human voice.

* Learn a new, fast, thorough way to warm up your voice

* Reduce tension in your neck, jaw and face

* Gain a deeper understanding of how your voice works so you can troubleshoot when it’s not working like you want it to

* Practice longer and perform more (it’ll be easier & simpler to do)

Calls from past Q&A sessons.

To download them to your computer, click the link and then right click “save as”.

“Vocal Fatigue 101” (Friday October 24th, 2014):

Vocal Fatigue 101 Recording

photo (10)

“Amp Up Your Warm Up” (Saturday January 19th, 2015):

Amp Up Your Warm Up recording


“Do You Breathe Well?” (Sunday March 8, 2015):

Do You Breathe Well? recording


“Resonance: More Sound with Less Work” (Friday May 22, 2015):

Resonance More Sound with Less Work Q&A

Resonance_ More Sound, Less Work-3

“Release Your Jaw” (August 2, 2015):

Release Your Jaw recording

Release Your Jaw