Learn Vibrant Voice, the online course

with David Ley and Elissa Weinzimmer


In Learn Vibrant Voice, the online course you’ll learn exercises carefully designed to reduce tension and increase your vocal power. The technique was developed by David Ley through his years of study of the anatomy and physiology of the human voice.

Some benefits of Vibrant Voice Technique:

DSC_0621* Learn a new, fast, thorough way to warm up your voice

* Reduce tension in your neck, jaw and face

* Gain a deeper understanding of how your voice works so you can troubleshoot when it’s not working like you want it to



Is the Vibrant Voice Technique for you? Be certain.


– John Patrick, Head of Voice & Speech, UNC Chapel Hill, Lead Teacher, Miller Voice Method

“Vibrant Voice has mercifully provided an incredibly simple, efficient, and effective way to simultaneously relax tension while warming up the voice. My students excitedly share how much easier it is to navigate resonators and to shape the overall placement of their voices. The vibrator gives a kind of kinesthetic feedback that used to require the hands of a classmate or teacher. What used to be quite esoteric has been made so tangible and clear…thanks!”

Patricia Zentilli headshot2– Patricia Zentilli, Actress/Singer, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“I was excited to discover the Vibrant Voice Technique and have made it the exercises part of my warm up routine when I am performing. I find it particularly useful on those days when my voice feels “stuck” or “stiff.”


Eric Stewart

 – Eric Stewart, Yoga Studio Owner, Ohio, USA

“Vibrant Voice Technique, is a simple, accessible and sophisticated way to help people gain support and awareness to let speaking and singing become easier and more effective. I highly recommend this work!”

– Diana DiMauro, Opera Singer, Italy

diana-dimauro-opera-singer-italy“I am a constant traveller who suffers from back and neck issues. I approached Vibrant Voice hoping to loosen my chronically tense muscles. I had been practicing self-massage techniques on my jaw, neck and shoulder for a long time, but had yet to really understand how to effectively target the muscles I used for singing. David and Elissa talked me through the specific muscles of the neck, sternum, jaw, and head that cause vocal strain, fatigue, or hinder peak performance due to stress. After a month of following the basic guidelines and exercises, I have seen real relief in my neck, and shoulder.

There was also very interesting and surprisingly effective work devoted to resonance, and how to use the massager to stimulate different types of resonance while singing. This was an informative, stimulating, and well constructed workshop that gave me the tools to continue working on my own.

David and Elissa took great care to answer every question we I, and were very patient. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional, skilled and are very generous about sharing their wealth of knowledge and study resources with us.”