Vibrant Voice Technique Online Workshops


The VVT workshop program is on hiatus as we prepare to release Vibrant Voice Technique, The Online Course.

If you’d like to hear more about its release, or about future online workshops: please join our mailing list.

Who is Vibrant Voice, The Online Course for?: If you rely on your voice, this technique can help you. So whether you’re a grade school teacher, a professional singer, or anything in between, this workshop is for you.

ABOUT ONLINE WORKSHOPS: When online workshops are scheduled, they are limited to small groups to provide the greatest opportunity for participants to ask questions and receive personal feedback.

What you’ll need: Your computer with a camera and microphone and the ability to download some simple software ( and your own LELO Siri (if you don’t have one yet, you can get one on the FAQ’s page)

Online Workshop fees are $250 CAD.

This workshop fee includes:

  • Ongoing online access to the video recordings of the workshop sessions
  • A copy of the Vibrant Voice Technique How To Guide (only available to those who have participated in a training with us)
  • Monthly access to our live online free refresher sessions
  • Membership in the Vibrant Voice Technique Forum on Facebook, with ongoing access to Elissa and David for questions.

Learn how Vibrant Voice Technique can help you increase vocal resonance

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