Vibrant Voice Moving Forward: Online Training and Devices

It’s been quite some time since we (David and Elissa) shared what’s been going on behind the scenes here at Vibrant Voice. We’ve been brewing up lots of big ideas for a while now, though, so it’s time for some

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Elissa’s story: Why I teach Vibrant Voice

Hi All,

This is Elissa, and today I wanted to do something slightly different with our bi-weekly blog post and share with you my personal story about my voice. You probably know David as the founder and creator of Vibrant …

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Vibration and Why We Wouldn’t Have a Voice Without It

Vibration is central to how the voice works; in fact without vibration, we would have no voice at all. Before addressing this further let’s start with some definitions of the verb “to vibrate.”

vibrate (v):

To move back and

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